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If you would like to sell phone cards, DEBIT Prepaid is for you!  Website owners and individuals alike can boast access to an inventory of over 750 different phone cards, from a variety of carriers.  Who else can say that?  Buy one or more at a time with no minimum purchase!  Sell to friends, family, current customers and even sell them on the web!

Make this your opportunity to break into this booming business and begin selling phone cards right away!  With your pre-funded purchase account, you have access to over 600 name brand calling cards, at any time of the day, in any quantity you wish, up to your prepaid limit.  Regardless of how you sell them, you will find this to be the easiest and fastest way to supply quality products to your end users.  Once you fund your personal purchase account, you are on your way to unlimited earnings.  When you have depleted your funds, simply replenish your balance and you are ready for business!  When the customer has so many choices, they are sure to find just what they need and you make your sale.  Receive instant pins and access information.  Donít wait, fund your account today!  

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